Wildlife Exclusion Service At Ohio’s Buckeye Wildlife Solutions NW, LLC

Using Effective Exclusion Strategies, Including Habitat Modifications, To Prevent Pest Wildlife From Entering Greater Toledo, Ohio And Lucas & Wood County Ohio Residential And Commercial Buildings

Let Our Expert Wildlife Exclusion Service Team Put An End To Wildlife Infestations In Your Home Or Business

Our team at Buckeye Wildlife Solutions NW, LLC is fully equipped with professional training and Ohio state certification to handle any wildlife exclusion needs in Ohio. Our services encompass both wildlife trapping and prevention for all indigenous species, ensuring you have a comprehensive solution for your wildlife concerns.

Customers approach us for various needs. Some require our expert trappers to eliminate an existing nuisance, while others prefer preventive measures to keep their properties free from wildlife intrusions. We’re adaptable and proficient in meeting these diverse needs, thanks to our extensive understanding of wildlife behavior and exclusion techniques.

Performing wildlife exclusion at Buckeye Wildlife Solutions NW, LLC involves a combination of specialized methodologies. We employ different types of traps for efficient wildlife removal, secure and fix potential entry points to deter access, and alter habitats to discourage their presence. The latter could mean restricting food and water resources, or reducing foliage and potential shelter spots.

With years of hands-on experience, our team understands that each wildlife issue is unique. Consequently, it’s vital to have a service provider like us, similar to Buckeye Wildlife Solutions NW, LLC, who upholds all Wildlife Control Operator (WCO) industry standards. We don’t just locate an animal’s entry point, but we strategize the most effective ways to address the specific animal involved. Equally significant, our experts know what to ask our clients to guide us in devising the best wildlife removal and exclusion strategies, ensuring we quickly identify and manage any nuisance wildlife.

Here’s How Our 4-Step Wildlife Exclusion Process Works:

  1. Comprehensive Property Inspection: Our specialists perform a detailed examination of your buildings, both inside and outside, to find the wildlife intruder’s nesting or roosting sites, all access points, and any other weak spots that could facilitate the creature’s entry.
  2. Humane Wildlife Removal: We strive to capture and remove the wildlife pest in a humane manner using live-traps. Occasionally, we employ exclusion devices — such as for bats — that let the animal exit but prevent its re-entry.
  3. Expert Repair and Reinforcement: Our wildlife prevention professionals are skilled carpenters who will mend all access points and vulnerabilities. They also replace any seriously damaged building components, such as attic vents, soffits, fascia, windows, and chimney covers.
  4. Habitat Modification: We modify the external surroundings of your building to discourage wildlife intrusions. This includes minimizing food and water sources, as well as trimming back trees and shrubs or other shelter areas, to make your property less attractive to potential intruders.

Buckeye Wildlife Solutions NW, LLC, Provides State Of The Science Wildlife Exclusion For All Lucas or Wood County, Ohio Homes, And Businesses While Always Satisfying Our Customers 100%. And Don’t Forget, You Can Contact Us At (419) 552-2001 For Emergency Service 24/7/365 But With An Added Charge.

Assured of high effectiveness and enduring results, our wildlife exclusion services ensure you remain free from the unsettling disruptions of a wildlife invasion, be it disturbing your peaceful sleep or causing complications with your employees or customers.

Further, if your needs extend beyond wildlife exclusion, such as attic and crawl space restoration, we are at the top of our game. Reach out to Buckeye Wildlife Solutions NW, LLC, at (419) 552-2001 for unmatched service quality.

Buckeye Wildlife Solutions NW, LLC wildlife exclusion team setting up a trap outside a gable vent.
Buckeye Wildlife Solutions NW, LLC wildlife exclusion team trapped red squirrels putting a trap on the outside a gable vent.
Buckeye Wildlife Solutions NW, LLC wildlife exclusion team repaired the gable vent with high strength screening.
Buckeye Wildlife Solutions NW, LLC wildlife exclusion crew carefully cover soffits to prevent wildlife intrusions.

Buckeye Wildlife Solutions NW, LLC Provides Wildlife Exclusion Services Plus Other Wildlife-Associated  Services For The Following 13 Ohio Cities In Lucas and Wood County
Holland, Maumee, Oregon, Ottawa Hills, Point PlaceSylvania, Toledo, Waterville, Whitehouse, Bowling Green, Northwood, Perrysburg, and Rossford

Our Buckeye Wildlife Solutions NW, LLC Wildlife Prevention Experts Help Protect Families, Employees, And Customers, And Save Them Thousands Of Dollars And Headaches

Locating the best company in the Greater Toledo, Ohio region, and Lucas and Wood County to perform a quality wildlife exclusion service can be difficult. Every wildlife control company alleges to have the experience, knowledge, and skill to remove nuisance wildlife. Please research a wildlife company, verify they are licensed, and insured, and check the ratings and reviews. You can rest assured when you research Buckeye Wildlife Solutions NW, LLC, you’ll see we are fully licensed, insured, and full of excellent 5-star ratings.

At Buckeye Wildlife Solutions NW, LLC, our wildlife exclusion crew are wildlife wizards but base everything they do on wildlife science. We have a deep understanding of Ohio’s wildlife populations, know all the Ohio rules and regulations regarding wildlife exclusion, and use all the modern equipment and products available to WCO professionals.

Many different considerations determine the price of wildlife exclusion. Cost can vary based on the type of offending wildlife, the trapping methods needed, the number of wildlife access points, and the other kind of damage repairs you ask us to do. But we promise our wildlife exclusion fees are some of the best, especially given the high quality of our wildlife exclusion work while satisfying our Lucus and Wood County customers 100% of the time. Buckeye Wildlife Solutions NW, LLC’s crew is 100% honest in everything we do. Call us today at (419) 552-2001, and our polite and helpful office staff can help you set up a wildlife exclusion inspection today.

Reasons To Use Our Wildlife Exclusion Services

  1. You won’t have to address the wildlife infestation yourself.
  2. We set up all the traps, check on them regularly, and remove the trapped critter from your property.
  3. Our team repairs all entry points into your home or business.
  4. We modify your property outside, called habitat modification, so it does not welcome problematic wildlife.
  5. And finally, the peace of mind that comes with knowing you have a company that does the job right the first time – Guaranteed!

Take The Time To Look At Our Many Nuisance Wildlife Services

  • Our several nuisance wildlife services beyond wildlife exclusion include wildlife trapping, wildlife prevention, wild animal removal, attic and crawl space restoration, insulation replacement, disinfection/deodorizing, commercial bird management/netting, etc.


“We were very fortunate in our decision to call Buckeye Wildlife Solutions. Chris returned our call the same day and scheduled a visit within 2 days. Chris and Tyler arrived and immediately began a thorough inspection of our attic and the outside perimeter of our home for bats. They were extremely knowledgeable, offered solutions, made recommendations and answered all of our questions. Both Chris and Tyler were very polite, respectful of our home and extremely considerate regarding all of our concerns. They put our minds at ease in knowing that they had identified our problem and what repairs needed to be done to alleviate future problems. We highly recommend using this service.”

Donald Altaffer, 5 Stars

“Tyler, Ben & Blake were superb in handling my skunk problems in totaling 10 or so skunks caused by vacant properties. I recommend them in removing nuisance animals! They were also very professional.”

James Porter, 5 Stars: Skunk Removal

Chris came out and found the raccoon’s entrance point within 2 minutes after his arrival. He set the trap and we had the animal gone 5 hours later. After spending a week of trying to “do it ourselves” and save some money, where we had sleepless nights because of our dogs losing their minds, we finally called in a professional. What I tried to accomplish in a week, he did in 5 hours. Thankfully, the animal didn’t have her babies yet and we didn’t have that mess (and cost) to deal with as well.

Ron Schramm, 5 Stars: Wildlife Removal