Muskrat Trapping For Greater Toledo, Ohio Region Including Lucas and Wood County Provided By Buckeye Wildlife Solutions NW, LLC

Humane And Effective Muskrat Trapping Solutions For Toledo, Ohio, and Lucas And Wood County Residential, Commercial, And Municipal Properties

The Expert Muskrat Trapping Team At Buckeye Wildlife Solutions NW, LLC Can Effectively Address All Your Muskrat Problems In Greater Toledo, Ohio, And Across Lucas And Wood Counties

Buckeye Wildlife Solutions NW, LLC is not only professionally educated and trained but also certified in the field of muskrat trapping. Their expertise in providing solutions for all muskrat-related issues will bring you immense relief, especially when faced with an urgent situation that requires their exceptional muskrat trapping and control services.

Buckeye Wildlife Solutions NW often receives calls for muskrat trapping when these creatures inhabit residential, commercial, or municipal properties in greater Toledo, Ohio, and Lucas and Wood County. These properties typically include ponds, rivers, streams, and brooks, which muskrats find particularly appealing due to the abundance of vegetation such as weeds and cattails. They also relish fish, frogs, and other small aquatic wildlife. Contrary to what many of our clients believe, muskrats are not closely related to rats but are more closely akin to lemmings and voles.

When it comes to nesting, muskrats exhibit similar behavior to beavers. They construct elevated huts out of sticks and mud, creating a dome above the water’s surface that can be accessed via an underwater entrance. These aquatic creatures also have a tendency to dig into banks to construct their nests above the waterline, also featuring an underwater access point. This propensity for bank burrowing often leads to serious erosion issues, prompting the intervention of our top-tier muskrat trapping team to tackle the ensuing erosion problems.

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Our experienced and well-trained muskrat trapping crew member working around a muskrat hutch.
Our muskrat trapping experts deal with erosion along banks that is caused by muskrats.
A single muskrat can cause a great amount of damage and a family a massive amount.
One of our muskrat trapping experts setting a trap.

Buckeye Wildlife Solutions NW, LLC Provides Muskrat Trapping Services Plus Other Wildlife-Associated  Services For The Following 13 Ohio Cities In Lucas and Wood County
Holland, Maumee, Oregon, Ottawa Hills, Point PlaceSylvania, Toledo, Waterville, Whitehouse, Bowling Green, Northwood, Perrysburg, and Rossford

Muskrats play a significant ecological role in the natural environment by maintaining the balance of aquatic plant life, thus preserving the essential dissolved oxygen levels that contribute to water health. However, their presence in residential ponds can lead to issues, such as consuming fish and water plants. If you have a garden, these creatures may also feast on your flowers and vegetables during the night, which often leads to noticeable damage.

Muskrats pose potential health risks too, as they can introduce parasites and bacteria to water sources, which may spread diseases among other animals or wildlife consuming the water. While it’s not a common occurrence, muskrats can contract tularemia, a rare and potentially lethal infectious disease, also known as rabbit fever or deer-fly fever. This disease can be transmitted to humans but is curable. Should you come across a deceased muskrat on your property, ensure you handle it with care and thoroughly wash your hands with antibacterial soap and warm water afterward.

You don’t have to endure the challenges presented by muskrats. At Buckeye Wildlife Solutions NW, LLC, our muskrat trapping professionals are ready to assist you. Call us at (419) 552-2001 to arrange a convenient time for us to inspect the water on your property, assess the extent of your muskrat issue, and provide the most effective products and strategies to manage it. Please note, we also offer Emergency Services 24/7/365, but this does come with an additional fee.

We Take Our Muskrat Trapping Work Very Seriously, And That’s Why Buckeye Wildlife Solutions NW, LLC, Ensures You Are 100% Satisfied With Our Work Which Not Only Meets But, In Most Cases, Surpasses National Standards.

Reasons To Use Buckeye Wildlife Solutions NW, LLC’s Humane Muskrat Trapping Services

Our Muskrat Trapping Experts are fully trained and certified with years of experience performing effective muskrat control in greater Toledo, Ohio, and Lucas and Wood County. We use state-of-the-science products and strategies that provide solutions for the most challenging muskrat problems!

We Remove Many Other Nuisance Wildlife Other Than Muskrats

  • We remove the following wildlife critters: bats, beavers, birds, geese, mice, moles, muskrats, raccoons, opossum, rats, skunks, snakes, squirrels, and voles.


“I would definitely recommend Buckeye Wildlife Solutions. I was able to get a quick appointment. Steve arrived on time and did a thorough check both inside our attic (which required access through 3 separate locations) and the exterior of our home/roof. He was professional, courteous and fully explained the approach to resolving our squirrel problem. Communication was excellent throughout the process. We also had him repair the entry site and we’re pleased with the results. Overall a great experience.”

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