Insulation Installation Service For Attics And Crawl Spaces By Buckeye Wildlife Solutions NW, LLC

Professional Insulation Installations In Greater Toledo, Ohio,  and Lucas And Wood County Residential And Commercial Buildings

Allow The Top-Tier Insulation Installation Team At Buckeye Wildlife Solutions NW, LLC, To Revolutionize Your Attic And Crawl Space, Transforming Them Into Energy-Efficient Areas

Our team consists of professionally educated and certified individuals with vast experience in residential and commercial insulation installation, making us unrivaled in Lucas and Wood County, Ohio, for insulation replacement services.

Once you engage Buckeye Wildlife Solutions NW, LLC for insulation replacement, our crew will refurbish your building’s attic or crawl space into a clean, moisture-free, healthy, and energy-conserving space, complying with Ohio’s IECC regulations.

Offering top-quality, customer-focused insulation services, Buckeye Wildlife Solutions NW, LLC caters to residential and commercial buildings in Lucas and Wood County. We utilize several environmentally friendly insulating materials, such as Insulmax blown-in cellulose, which is flame and mold-resistant and made of 85% recycled paper fiber. Our insulation installation services promote energy savings and foster healthier homes and businesses.

Our attic insulation services effectively shield your living space from temperature extremes, while our crawl space insulation keeps the area free from moisture and mold. Quality insulation in attics and crawl spaces significantly reduces energy costs across all types of buildings.

We use either blown-in cellulose or batt fiberglass insulation, depending on the specific needs of each project. The cellulose insulation, which is the greener of the two, is used in attics and is composed of 85% recycled paper. Fiberglass insulation is a combination of fine glass fibers assembled into a batt, which is why it’s referred to as batt insulation. It’s worth noting that we currently do not install foam insulation, although this may be a service we provide in the future.

Buckeye Wildlife Solutions NW, LLC Provides Crawl Insulation Installation and Insulation Removal Services Plus Other Wildlife-Associated  Services For The Following 13 Ohio Cities In Lucas and Wood County
Holland, Maumee, Oregon, Ottawa Hills, Point PlaceSylvania, Toledo, Waterville, Whitehouse, Bowling Green, Northwood, Perrysburg, and Rossford

Our service of attic insulation installation leverages the latest advancements in technology, employing high-performance machinery connected to an extensive hose. We begin the process by inserting cellulose bundles into the machine’s compartments where they are meticulously fragmented. Once disintegrated, the cellulose is propelled into the attic in a safe and effective manner through the hose. This technique enables the cellulose to traverse through the lengthy hose swiftly, ensuring the coverage of a vast area in a relatively short span of time.

As for the replacement of insulation in crawl spaces, we utilize durable rolls of fiberglass batt insulation enclosed in a sturdy poly, composed of the identical material used for our crawl space vapor barriers – a multi-layered polyethylene with extrusion lamination and a polyester scrim reinforcement. The combination of our insulation casings and vapor barrier material guarantees exceptional strength and longevity.

If you’re contemplating a crawl space inspection or restoration, we encourage you to reach out to us at (419) 552-2001. Also, please don’t hesitate to contact us should your crawl space be suffering from a wildlife invasion.

We Take Our Insulation Replacement Work Very Seriously, And That’s Why Buckeye Wildlife Solutions NW, LLC, Ensures You Are 100% Satisfied With Our Work Which Not Only Meets But, In Most Cases, Exceeds National Standards.

Buckeye Wildlife Solutions NW, LLC's blown in insulation machine.
Buckeye Wildlife Solutions NW, LLC insulation replacement crew member blowing in insulation.
A thick deep coating of Insulmax mold, mildew and fire resistant insulation.
This crawl space insulation going up with a thick poly covering.
Buttoning down the crawl space insulation.
The Buckeye Wildlife Solutions NW, LLC did a magnificent job with crawl space insulation and a vapor barrier.

Buckeye Wildlife Solutions NW, LLC, Provides High Performing Insulation Installation And Vapor Barriers For All Toledo, Oho and Lucas or Wood County, Ohio Homes, And Businesses While Always Satisfying Our Customers Needs 100%. You Can Contact Us At (419) 552-2001 For Emergency Service 24/7/365, But We Do Add An Extra Fee.

Reasons To Use Buckeye Wildlife Solutions NW, LLC’s Insulation Installation Services

Our crawl space restoration experts are fully versed in performing proper insulation installation in Toledo, Ohio and Lucas and Wood County, Ohio. We use high-quality eco-friendly materials and equipment to turn your attic and crawl space into healthy, energy-efficient environments saving you on energy bills for years to come. And you can’t beat that!

We Offer Many Nuisance Wildlife Services Besides Insulation Installation

  • Our several nuisance wildlife services beyond insulation installation include crawl space restoration, attic restoration, wildlife exclusion, wildlife trapping, wildlife prevention, wildlife exclusion,  disinfection/deodorizing, commercial bird management/netting, etc.


“2 weeks ago (as of this post), I was dealing with a raccoon that dug a hole in my roof. My HOA were dragging their feet, so I decided to take action myself and called Buckeye Wildlife Solutions. Chris was very professional on the phone and Blake knew what to do right away, after he accessed the situation. A male raccoon was in the outside trap that was set. The Animal was removed, and a sheet of aluminum was placed over the hole, while I wait for the roofing company to make the permanent repair. Good guys to deal with.”

Brian 8080, 5 Stars, General wildlife removal, Nuisance animals

“Blake and Buckeye Wildlife Systems were absolutely professional and efficient in dealing with our bat issue. They evaluated the situation and provided an estimate the same day. Within a couple of weeks they had completed phase I of the removal and finished up in a very timely fashion. We highly recommend them for any animal infestation issue.”

Jim Zellner, 5 Stars: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness